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Welcome to Saddle Rock South Authority


The Saddle Rock South Authority and Saddle Rock South Metropolitan Districts Nos. 2-4 (collectively the "Authority") are quasi-governmental entities, located in Aurora, CO. The Authority was formed to support the development and maintenance of vital infrastructure and amenities for the Saddle Rock South community. On this website you will find information for the Authority including contacts, newsletters, meeting agendas, financials, and other Authority documents. This website is the official posting location for Authority meeting notices. 

The Authority handles the operations and maintenance of the clubhouse, two of the community pools, tennis courts, basketball courts, two community parks, some head-in parking, and other common areas. To report a concern or to request information not available on this website, please email or call 303-858-1800.

The community has multiple associations that handle covenant enforcement, design review, trash services, etc. Click here for contact information for the master associations and sub-associations.



Board Vacancies
Nos. 2, 3, & 4

There are currently vacancies on the Boards of Saddle Rock South Metro District Nos. 2, 3, & 4. Interested parties should contact for more information.

Neighborhood Watch

Did you know?

The community has a Neighborhood Watch Program run and coordinated through community volunteers! If you would like more information, please contact

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Required Notice Pursuant to House Bill 23-1105 – Metropolitan District Homeowners’ Rights Task Force

House Bill 23-1105 created the HOA and Metropolitan District Homeowners’ Rights Task Forces to examine certain matters in communities that are governed by these entities.  The Metropolitan District Homeowners’ Rights Task Force will review, among other matters, tax levying authority and practices, foreclosure practices, communications with homeowners and governance policies. A requirement of the new law is that we notify you of the creation and existence of the Metropolitan District Homeowners’ Rights Task Force prior to its first meeting.  If you have any questions about the Metropolitan District Homeowners’ Rights Task Force, please reach out to the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies or visit their website at Thank you!


Accessibility Statement


Compliance Officer

Phone: 303-858-1800


Address: 2154 E. Commons Ave, Suite 2000

Centennial, CO 80122